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Christmas Cookies Are for Giving
More than just a Christmas cookie cookbook, this book has heartwarming stories, baking tips, tips on packaging and shipping cookies, and if that wasn’t practical enough, it also has a lay-flat binding, a wipe-clean cover, and full-color photos of every recipe (all 50 of them)!
Golda’s Kitchen
This is without a doubt THE online resource for your specialty and everyday baking needs. This store has, by far, the most complete inventory of any online cooking store. Their assortment of cookie cutters is truly collossal, and if you’re looking for specialty items for baking Christmas cookies, this is the first place to look. Prices are in Canadian dollars so you save a bundle, and they ship worldwide.
This comprehensive cooking store is probably the most well-known on the Internet, and for good reason. They carry an excellent selection of baking products at some of the best prices on the ‘net. You can also get specialty food items such as rare gourmet spices, sugars, and flours. Shipping within the US and Canada only. Kitchen & Housewares Store
Yes, this colossus sells more than cookbooks – they have a good selection of everyday and specialty bakeware at the usual low prices. They offer free shipping on orders of $150 or more, but ship only within the US.
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